Why Get Organized?

Do you feel overwhelmed when looking at the mess that surrounds you? Are your relationships suffering as a result of your disorganization? We assist you in clearing the clutter in your environment and in your head! I help you create organized and harmonious spaces to live and work in.,

When you organize, you maximize every inch of space.

Homes valued at $100+ PSF, can add just 20 sq. ft. of shelving to a closet or garage, resulting in an extra $2,000 added to the homes value by creating additional storage space. Organizing expands the size of your house without the expense and disruption of building an extra room or renting a storage unit.

You save time & money! Organizing your files/ closets/ garage & cabinets will eliminate duplicates, bills will be paid on time, important papers will be kept in one place, increased family & leisure time, be on time for appointments and you will find what you need within minutes!

Be mindful of the cost of keeping things - it costs you time, money, energy & space to store the things you don't use.

Clutter Clearing is essentially about letting go of the past and the energy associated with it.  Previous jobs, relationships, life events such as moving, marriage, new baby, death of a loved one. Clutter affects us on many levels and can negatively impact our energy, mental, physical and emotional states and overall well being.

Feng shui says the clutter produces stagnant energy and inhibits new opportunities from coming into our lives. If we live in a cluttered environment,  we are stuck, unable to move forward, unhappy, stressed out and lethargic. Our surroundings are the manifestation of what's happening in our body and mind. When our home is organized and filled with things that we love and use, we feel energized and light, we feel at home in our home and this sanctuary becomes an incredible source of support and nourishment for us.

The simple act of clearing clutter can transform your life. It helps release negative and sad emotions, and assists us with creating new memories and the motivation to move on after a divorce, death of a loved one etc. It can also improve your relationships with others and yourself, generating new energy and outlook on life. Clearing the clutter of your past allows you to achieve your goals and intentions. Letting go of those things that no  longer serves us can be difficult, but with a little help from an organizing coach, we can overcome any difficulty together.

We believe that releasing your clutter is the first step in creating a change that can open you up to experience wonderful, new opportunities that lie ahead.

"In order to live the life we desire, and set the intention for greater happiness and more meaningful connections with others, we have to release the hold that our past has on us." -Deepak Chopra

Create Space for Living