A. Espinel - Las Vegas Four Hands Design Showroom @ World Market Center - Tanya was wonderful and a pleasure to work with! I had a mess in my work closet and Tanya assured me that we could get it done! She took the time to discuss the necessary bins and supplies I needed to purchase for our big day of organizing. Tanya was able to bring Stephanie to help as we had a lot of work ahead of us. We organized for 5 1/2 hours and the results were just amazing! I will definitely be using Tanya in the future. She's easy to work with and knows exactly what she's doing! Thank you Tanya and Stephanie for your help!!!

Terry Family - (Las Vegas) Tanya was absolutely great!  We moved from Las Vegas to Montana and again to the east coast.  I could not have done these moves without her.  She took care of everything and made both of our moves go smoothly.  Our original movers dropped out at the last minute and Tanya recommended a company she had used before: Move 4 Less.  They were very, very good, they got us packed and moved by our deadline and in 3 days, they were quick and easy to work with.

As we were no longer in town I needed her to supervise the movers.  She made sure the boxes were labeled and packed properly so I could easily find what I needed once they were delivered to Montana. 

Because she helped pack everything it made sense to also fly her out to unpack us (she knew what box to look in for specific things). She visited us few more times during the year to tackle other projects. When it came time to move again, I called Tanya and she came back several times to pack us back up and take care of other things while we were out of town. She was amazing, I am so glad to have met her.

A. Nowak - Tanya helped a great deal as I transitioned from another city to Las Vegas. She transformed my garage, and my kitchen cabinets are unbelievable. She took what was a completely disorganized vitamin shelf, and made everything neat, clean and easy to find. She also organized my bedroom closets and made great suggestions for organizing my clothes with cabinets, and dividers for creating more space. Tanya also made suggestion on keeping or throwing out items that were not worth keeping. I would highly recommend Tanya's service to anyone looking for a very organized, and efficient living space. Tanya is committed to organizing your home in a way that makes sense and works with your budget to provide great solutions to your organizing issues.

Tanya is wonderful to work with and very committed to my success and everything she did was an a example of that!

The Byrnes Family (Las Vegas): We are very impressed and delighted with Tanya. Her amazing ideas for storage and organization as well as, the manner in which she quickly got everything completed, was greatly appreciated.  She solved all the basic problems we had, and the solutions she came up with were things we wouldn’t have even thought of! THANKS SO MUCH for my kitchen island and new pantry!

Mr. Magan (PA): I'd like all of Tanya's Facebook friends to know what a terrific job she did in organizing our house recently. We just built an addition onto our 1810 house in Pennsylvania, and boxes, old papers, magazines, and every other imaginable kind of disorganized clutter piled in two unused rooms of the old house. Tanya came in for a few days and the stuff disappeared -- either into labeled files or boxes, or off to the dump. She is a superb professional organizer and great to work with. I recommend her services to everyone.

Geetha Family (Las Vegas): After being in our house for almost 3 years, it became to overflow with too many things that was an accumulation of over 10 years of marriage with two young children.  It was time to make a change, and ORGANIZE.  I found Tanya by chance via the web and it was a conflicting moment to choose to admit that I needed HELP, desperately. But I did it and Tanya is not judgmental, so it was easier than I thought.

My family was on vacation out of the country and I thought this would be the most opportune time to make the clean up and organization happen.  Tanya has been wonderful!  Her advice and previous experience and stories made me feel at ease with the undertaking that was about to happen.  It was overwhelming to think of all that needed to be done but we proceeded one room at a time and I worked away attacking the clutter on my own too.

There are many simple things we did to improve the usefulness of each cluttered area and I am glad Tanya was there to assist me. I know I will be able to maintain the current state of having a place for everything and everything in its place.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH TANYA!

Mr & Mrs Daneshmand (Las Vegas): Tanya is hard working, conscientious, creative, resourceful, trustworthy, & highly organized. I enjoyed working with her.

Tish Noel (Chicago): I have worked with Tanya for many years on a very personal level, she is quick, easy to work with, fun, efficient and most of all, the reason we hired her: ORGANIZED!

Jimi family: (CA) Myself my wife and new born baby moved to Las Vegas from LA into a temporary rental home. we found Tanya online and the very next day she was helping us unpack. Within 10hrs, everything was put away and we had a fully functioning home. She was quick and efficient! I had to begin a new job, and the baby took most of my wife's time, so having Tanya assist us was extremely beneficial and aided us in settling in very easily and quickly. We are so grateful for her help.