1) What is a professional organizer?

A professional organizer assists with de-cluttering / organization of a few rooms or an entire home; specific areas include; garages, closets, and paperwork. A professional organizer makes the process a little easier to start, manage and finish. Going through contents of drawers, closets etc, weeding out what’s not needed / wanted and what is.

2) What are the benefits of hiring a professional organizer?

First and foremost you will save time, space and money.  We give you back the time you loose during long searches by creating easily managed systems to keep things organized and accessible. Therefore, giving you more time to enjoy other activities. By getting organized you eliminate stress and duplication. Clearing out unused / unwanted items, creates more space for the things you love and saves you from spending money on storage spaces and re-buying something you already had but couldn’t find.

3) How did you get into organizing?

I was a nanny for many years and every few months I would reorganize the children’s closets & drawers, as well as their toys and toy room. I then began organizing the parent’s closet and it went from there!

4) What kind of organizing do you do?

As a professional organizer, I wear many hats. I help clients organize clothing and papers, assist them with moving to a new home in Las Vegas or out of state/2nd home set up and organization, creation of filing systems, arranging furniture/ décor assistance to help sell their home or if they've just moved in, closet / cabinet / garage reorganization, general de-cluttering of homes and event co-ordination (family parties etc.).

5) What kind of issues do you come across and find solutions for?

One of the issues I come across most frequently is insufficient storage space, whether it’s in a closet, kitchen or garage. Those are the 3 main areas I find solutions for. One of my clients didn’t have much cabinet space in her kitchen, so I designed a center island to store all of her kitchenware that wouldn’t fit into her existing cabinets. Wheels were added so she could move it against her dining room wall and it could double as a buffet station.

6) Do you have clients outside of Las Vegas?

Yes, I have clients in Chicago (IL). I visit them every so often for organizational maintenance and new projects. I’ve also traveled to clients in Los Angeles CA, Cedar City (UT), Fairfield (PA), Baltimore (MD), Flagstaff & Gilbert (AZ) and Little Elm (TX).

7)  How much does it cost?

That depends on the level of disorganization and the clients budget.  I create custom packages to suit my clients' needs. Many people can still benefit from my services even with a small spending limit.