With buying or selling a home comes the grueling task of PACKING and MOVING!  Like marriage and a new baby, moving is a 'Life Event". Moving is not always a pleasant experience and can be stressful. Having a plan and a timeline to get tasks completed is key.

While overwhelming, it is the perfect time to DE-CLUTTER!

You can have your new home set up and organized in a matter of days vs. months.

I can supervise and assist you in as much of the moving process as you deem necessary.

1: Eliminate items that are unwanted, broken, unused or irrelevant to your new space prior to moving. I can help you in this initial stage before or as packing begins. Call to get an in home estimate from a moving company to see if what you're taking is worth the cost of moving it.

2: I can facilitate and assist in the some packing and then unpacking of your belongings into your new home to establish proper organization in all areas from the moment the boxes are delivered.

If requested, I can meet you at your new home in time for the movers arrival and can assist in coordinating strategic placement of boxes and furniture into specific areas of your home and begin unpacking immediately.

Moving day

According to the AMSA, the summer months are the busiest time of the year for movers, as are the beginning and end of each month. If you plan to move during one of these busy times, plan well in advance so your mover’s schedule will fit yours.

Also, if you have a choice, schedule your move in the morning rather than in the afternoon, your moving crew will be fresher and there will be more daylight time.


Preparation is key.  Everyone likes adequate warning about major upcoming events. Give your family adequate time to adjust to the idea of moving. Let them know hat to expect before, during and after your move. This assists in a smooth transition.

Children need special attention. Be aware that your children may or will be nervous and upset about leaving their home. Spend a little extra time with them to walk them through the process and see if they have any anxiety or concerns especially if they are upset about leaving their friends.

A great way to help ease your children’s concerns about the move is to include them in the process, i.e., packing their own toys and clothing. This gives them a sense of control that can ease the transition into their new home and community. Remind them about what they can look forward to and the fun events and new friends that await their arrival.

Pets: Make sure to set an appointment for your pets to confirm they are well enough for the move, maybe ask for calming medication if moving out of state. 

Now that you’ve settled into your new home and neighborhood, it’s time to take care of a few immediate tasks. For the most part, most of the changes can only be completed once you arrive as your new address is required, in some cases you can call and arrange in advance to have utilities turned on.

Driver's License

Vehicle Registration

Insurance for car and home

School enrollment