Why we create clutter

There are many reasons why we create clutter.


Here are some of the causes-

– Life events: moving, loss of a loved one, birth, marriage, divorce, loss of a job, surgery, new career

– Health/emotional related issues

– Family or job issues

All of the above can be stressful and overwhelming, thus causing lack of motivation to continue and complete regular daily tasks, and then the accumulation of clutter begins. One day you wake up and wonder where it all came from!

Clutter makes us crabby!  We can’t find anything, if we manage to find what we’re looking for, it’s after a long frustrating search, minutes or hours of trying to locate what you need eventually adds up over a week or month time span, we are late to appointments and paying bills, it can cause issues in relationships at work and at home, it can cause health issues, such as headaches, stress and allergies. Just one hour day would help immensely on clearing the clutter.

A professional organizer can see past the mess and help relieve the stress.  Don’t suffer; De-clutter!