Virtual Organizing

Are you disorganized and overwhelmed with clutter but do not live in Las Vegas?  A professional organizer from Release Your Clutter can help you via Virtual Organizing!

If you cant seem to tackle your project on your own,  we can work together guiding you from chaos to serenity, helping you create order and peace.

People who will benefit from virtual organizing services?

  • You are motivated and enjoy DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, are relatively organized in other areas but need direction and support from a knowledgeable and skilled professional organizer.
  • You prefer to get organized on your own schedule at your own pace.
  • You recognize the value of getting organized, but are on a budget.
  • You like and are able to communicate easily via phone and email.

How to begin the virtual organizing process:

When you contact us regarding our services:

  1. We will decide on a date and time for the initial phone consultation. We’ll also email you a short questionnaire to fill out and return to us so we can use your consultation time efficiently.
  2. During the first consultation we will discuss the problem areas and the issues they are causing and how often you would like to schedule your coaching sessions.
  3. You can either take a video, photos or both and email them to us.  They must be as detailed as possible, covering the entire area to be organized and close ups of individual areas within that space.
  4. Once we have reviewed the images, we will create a realistic and detailed plan of action on how to remedy your disorganization. We will include quick organizing tips, space planning ideas, furniture arrangement suggestions, organizing product recommendations,  and also share other resources/services that can enhance your life and create a comfortable and organized environment.
  5. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis we will schedule mini consultations where we gauge your progress, discuss future tasks and goals, brainstorm ideas if any changes need to be made, and provide personalized advice and coaching so you may continue your project through to completion.

The benefits of virtual organizing

If you do not have a professional organizer nearby and are in dire need of organizing services, you will gain an understanding of  the organizing process through your sessions with a seasoned professional organizer. They will use their organizing experiences and practiced methods, interview and listening skills, product & resource knowledge, and  their intuition to create a custom action plan that is designed specifically for each client.

You can work on your organizing assignments on your own, or if you would like the support and help of a friend or family member, that may expedite you reaching your goal sooner.

We will be your accountability partner and coach throughout the duration of your project!