Clutter makes us CRABBY!

On the rare occasion I do meet clients who are very excited about clearing their own clutter.  This normally happens when they have visualized their goal / the desired end result and come to the understanding that it can be accomplished.

I often get asked how I do I do what I do. My response is normally “Other people’s clutter is easy to deal with and it can be a very fulfilling process for me as I’m not emotionally or physically attached to the contents of my clients’ home. I can see through the clutter and chaos towards solutions and actions to take to achieve organization. However, I know there is not so much excitement in clearing your own clutter, especially alone.

  • Shifting your mindset and outlook regarding the overwhelming mountain of mess
  • realizing that you didn’t accumulate this clutter overnight
  • you can get the help and support you need to conquer your clutter

This should make it easier for you to start your home de-cluttering process.

Accepting that your clutter will be somewhat of a challenge to tackle  is half way to winning the battle. The next step is to use simple and smart organizing techniques to make this endeavor fun and achievable.

Kitchen counter before and after


Clutter Has Appeared Overnight Somehow!

As the saying goes ‘Less is More’

L .E. S. S

Live   Efficiently   Stress-free    Smarter

M. O. R. E

Mental    Overwhelm    Returns    Everyday


Being and staying organized means less clutter and less clutter means:

  1. cleaning is easier and fast
  2. less to organize
  3. less distraction
  4. less stress and frustration
  5. valuable space is not taken up by things we don’t use/need/love
  6. we can find what we need when we need it
  7. less likely to loose or misplace something
  8. no need for a storage unit and extra money being paid every month to store the things we don’t need/look at/remember that we have!
  9. less money is wasted
  10. less time is wasted
  11. more space to live a happy and healthy life